As one of the leading providers of business and warehouse facilities, Lokoma serves customers worldwide. Since 60 years, high-quality products are manufactured by the established family business. This is explicitly stated through our 10-year-warranty.

Beside a high standard of quality, Lokoma distinguishes itself particularly by a sustained customer care: custom-made devices which perfectly match our customers’ requirements are our strength. Regularly, we offer our clients over 2.500 industry-specific products that are manufactured on a production area of 12.000 m².

In order to ensure a smooth production process, we use modern production facilities and welding robots. The Lokoma conception focuses on the satisfaction of our customers. On this basis, we carry out internal product research to guarantee continuous innovations. Examples include the ergonomic workplaces and the sophisticated material provision systems.

Hence, Lokoma products combine high functionality and attractive design with great efficiency and environmental responsibility. Our good market position, products and innovative strength all enable us to have a positive view of the future.