Drawer systems

Drawer cabinets

Drawer shelves

Computer cabinet classic

Drawer systems


Modular workbenches RWB

System workbenches SWB

Top-mounted units, power distribution units

Mobile workbenches FWB

Box-type workbenches light-duty KWB-L

Box-type workbenches heavy-duty KWB-S

Group workbenches GWB

Electric-hydraulic height-adjustable workbench

Autogenous welding tables

CNC system

Cabinets with wing doors

Cabinets with wing doors

Magazine cabinets

Wardrobes, lockers

Shelf unit systems

Screw connected shelving unit

Slot-in shelving unit

Shelving unit systems

Sliding shelf units

Heavy-duty pull-out shelf unit

Panel rack

Shelf units for bar materials

Standing shelf unit

Workshop additions

Storage bins, Semi-open storage bins, Tray inserts

Gridded floor mattings, Table trolley, Seat furniture

Slotted panels, perforated panels and hooks