Drawer shelves


Your benefits

  • LOKOMA-shelf units with drawers are based on an ingenious space-saving storage concept which permits hardware, materials and tools to be stored with a maximum of versatility and accessibility.
  • This shelving system allows storage installations to be erected up to a height of 2500 mm and in four combinable widths.
  • The vast range of available drawers, variable shelves and pull-out shelves opens up almost unlimited possibilities of optimally adapting the available space to the parts to be stored.
  • The RS 717, RS 1024, RS 1196 an RS 1434 drawers integrated into the shelf unit provide dustprotected and orderly storage of small components and hardware, where as larger parts and packing cases are stored on variable shelves. Pull-out shelves are available for heavy parts.
  • The partitioning sets for the drawers are identical to those used for the drawer cabinets.
  • Quick and safe access to the uppermost drawers and shelves is guaranteed by our stage standing ladder with springing rollers.