Heavy-duty pull-out shelf unit


Your benefit

The pull-out shelves permit easy and e effortless handling of heavy and bulky items by hand. A lift unit operation is also possible.

Cover plate

  • Folded twice by 100 mm on the long side, can be screwed to the shelf unit frames to provide longitudinal reinforcement

Shelf unit frame

  • 2 C-sections welded with cross struts to form a stable frame. Uprights perforated on a 90 mm pitch to accept the guideways and shelf supports. 54 mm wide, 785 mm deep, 2080 mm high. Maximum load capacity 4000 kg.

Pull-out shelf

  • Supported in ball-bearing slides, standard pull-out, open at the front with chipboard base and 3-sided roll stop. Cannot be pulled out until the individual interlock is released. V20 E chipboard, 22 mm thick, untreated.

Variable shelf panel

  • With 3-sided roll stop, 938 mm wide and 775 mm deep, incl. 2 shelf supports and screws.

Longitudinal bracings

  • 100 mm high, folded in C-shape to provide longitudinal reinforcement. Shelf unit frames are screwed together with a cover plate and 2 longi- tudinal bracings to form basic and add-on bays.

Pull-out shelf

  • Incl. ball-bearing slides
  • 868 mm wide, 750 mm deep
  • Can be extended by 545 mm
  • Load capacity 300 kg if load is evenly distributed

Variable shelf

  • Incl. shelf supports
  • 938 mm wide, 775 mm deep
  • Load capacity 250 kg if load is evenly distributed