Shelf units for bar materials



Shelf units for bar materials with 3 different applications:

  • Single- or double-sided shelf unit for storing tube rounds, bar material, pipes and tubes on cantilever supports
  • Storage of di erent goods (blanks, storage bins) on shelves and in storage troughs suitable for laying on the 500 mm cantilever supports and/or upright feet
  • Storage of ring-shaped materials with tubular holders, also suitable for separating rod and bar stock etc. which is stored upright

Component parts

  • Single-sided uprights made of double T-section IPE 100, welded and slotted on a 50 mm pitch to accept cantilever supports
  • Longitudinal bracings, 1000 mm long, made of rectangular tube, 2 per bay
  • Cross bracing screwed to the longitudinal bracings for additional stabilization. One cross bracing required for every 5 bays.
  • Cantilever supports 400 and 500 mm long, T-section, screwed to the uprights to accept bar materials, shelves, and/or storage troughs (500 mm only)
  • Roll stop, perforated steel angle, complete with fixings
    Set-up: The shelf units must be located on a rm and even foundation. The uprights must be anchored to the floor.