Shelving unit systems


More storage capacity for the same amount of floor space

  • Optimum utilisation of the available room height
  • Considerable increase in storage capacity at the same floor space
  • Small parts stockage possible
  • Low capital investment, because the shelf units are simultaneously supporting structures for the top-story flooring (grid-iron, chipboard)
  • Small shelf unit systems can be assembled on a DIY basis; we supply the necessary components such as uprights, reinforcement tie-bars, cross bracings, shelves
  • With 2-part uprights, 4360 and 4540 mm high (other heights are possible as well)
  • Shelves are adjustable on a 60.5 mm pitch
  • Galvanized grid-iron or high-grade chipboard available for top-storey flooring, staircases include railings
  • Loading and unloading points in multiple design as recessed workplace
  • Surface galvanized or painted
  • Lokoma shelf unit systems are manufactured and installed in accordance with BGR 234 guidelines for storage facilities of Germany’s administrative professional association (VBG)
  • Assembly costs on request