Box-type workbenches heavy-duty KWB-S



  • LOKOMA box-type workbenches are constructed to meet all practice-oriented demands
  • Angle iron steel sheet construction
  • Suitable for working in a standing orsitting position


  • Individual locking of drawers and doors with cylinder locks
  • Rotary cylinder lock with 2 keys
  • Individual-locking is the standard locking system, i.e. just one work- bench can be opened by the appropriate key. There is the option of a uni-locking system. Please specify when ordering.
  • Life cycle is 30,000 lockings


  • 2 face heights: 155 mm (e ective height 132 mm) and 210 mm (e ective height 182 mm)
  • Inside dimensions of drawer body: width 475 mm x depth 526 mm
  • 85% part pull-out with a maximum load capacity of 90 kg
  • Perforated bottom, inside panels are slotted for attachment of slotted panels and dividers


  • Wing doors with safe, sturdy double hinges – the doors cannot be unhinged
  • Opening angle 180°
  • Angle iron steel sheet construction