Top-mounted units, power distribution units




  • Modular design
  • Extension consists of 4 components: extension, plug-in angle, 2 clamp tops and cover cap
  • Is mounted onto the uprights via plug-in angle
  • The extension is a sturdy C-section, cross section: width 30 mm x depth 32 mm, metal steel sheet 2 mm, 650 mm long
  • Galvanized

C-section with cart

  • Used as equipment and carrier rail and for system lamps
  • Cross section: width 30 mm x depth 32 mm, metal steel sheet 2 mm
  • 20 kg carrying capacity for lengths of 1500 mm or 16 kg for lengths 2000 or 2500 mm.
  • C-sections are fastened to extensions
  • Can be adjusted in depth at any desired point
  • Galvanized

Power distribution modules

  • Power distribution units are fully wired as one unit
  • Installation channel of 2 mm aluminium, natural anodized. Height 130 mm x depth 68 mm in diferent lengths (1500, 2000, 6000 mm)
  • Equipped with plug-in sockets, Euro-standard mains sockets, compressed air outlet and protected by automatic circuit breakers

Storage shelves

  • Can be installed on uprights on a 41.8 mm pitch, can be adjusted to any height and can be inclined by 10° or 20°
  • Long side is edged upwards on right angle and the front side is downward edged
  • Usable at front with roller tray by turning
  • Available in two widths, including fxing material

System lamp

  • Length 900 mm x width 135 mm x height 60 mm
  • Aluminium housing with on-of switch
  • 2.9 m feed cable, IP 20 protective socket
  • IP 20 protection with glare-free grill
  • With ordering a system lamp, the C-section is implemented with 2 mounting holes at 1500 mm, and 4 mounting holes at 2000 and 2500 mm

Computer components

  • Screen panel
  • Keyboard panel
  • Printer console

Perforated panels and panel hooks

  • LOKOMA’s perforated steel sheet panels allow a well-organized and accessible tool storage at eye-level right above the workplace or next to the machine. The panels are perforated on a 38 mm pitch, 10 mm, completely edged and reinforced by strong girders for the highest demand.
  • To be mounted easily at the wall through concealed screws. Each wall space can be used to the optimum by aligning the perforated panels adjacent to each other.

Storage bins

  • Storage bins made of PP are universally usable industrial-standard containers, which have passed the hardest of all tests: daily use in countless companies, in craft and private sector
  • Characteristics: good overview over content, made of recyclable polypropylene, stable in terms of dimensions and resistant against breakage, resistant against fats, hardeners, alkalis, oils and acids; food-safe colors, can be used in almost all situations of life, stackable