Gridded floor mattings, Table trolley, Seat furniture

Gridded floor mattings

  • Particularly suitable for use in front of workbenches, assembly lines and production rooms as well as in changing rooms
  • The pro le of the surface makes walking and standing on it safe and comfortable
  • The elastic cushioning e ect counteracts fatigue
  • Moisture protection and good insulation improve working conditions considerably
  • Can be e ortlessly joined together
  • The ramps and corner connectors allow transport vehicles to move easily
  • Made of LDPE extrusions
  • Temperature-resistant from -20° to +80° Celsius
  • Easy to clean
  • Standard colour: green

Table trolley

  • Steel design with 3 pans welded to be oilproof, edges 40 mm high
  • Load capacity 400 kg
  • Solid rubber castors, wheel 0 200 mm, 2 swivel and 2 xed castors
  • Level heights 290/600/910 mm = 3 pans

Seat furniture:

Several variations possible.